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星级演讲嘉宾 – Marina Chahboune

10 九月 2019


Marina Chahboune (M. A. Sustainability in Fashion) is a known expert in the field of sustainable textile production, sustainable innovations and circular economy principles.
Marina has been working globally within all tiers of the supply chain, supervising projects for fiber and fabric development, environmentally friendly production processes and the implementation of closed loop concepts and textile waste management.
She founded her Sustainability Agency Beyond Fashion in 2011 consulting numerous brands and manufacturer. Marina has been working as Senior Sustainability Manager for the global market leader brand in eco-fashion Hessnatur and is currently also part of Hongkong based suPPPort Ltd. Sustainability Consulting Service.
Aiming to oppose inefficient linear resource flows within the textile industry, she is in charge of the 2-year, co-funded Interfilière project “Promotion of sustainable and circular lingerie manufacturers from Indonesia through awareness creation, capacity building, and trade fair participation”, that aims to implement measures for sustainability and resource efficiency through more circular business processes and reduction of waste at four selected Indonesian lingerie suppliers.



纤维面料创新 – 新一代物料

9月27日星期五,上午10:30 – 11:15

作为向更具可持续性的行业过渡的整体方法之一,选择合适的纤维和织物是变革的关键起点。 但有哪些物料有资格作为降低时尚产业环境足迹的合适解决方案?